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The Real Estate & Home Expo (RHE), being the only real estate and home expo recognized by both government of Canada and the government of China, RHE is Canada's only comprehensive professional exhibition platform that integrates "real estate transactions, developments, architectural, investments and home improvements" in the northern GTA (which 80% of Chinese-Canadian reside in Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, North York, and Scarborough).

The organizer of RHE, Canada-China Realty Professional Association (CCRPA) consists of 6,000 real estate elites from the top 100 Canadian companies. Many reputational real estate and home-related companies are setting the trend for the next Chinese-Canadian consumer market. Furthermore, the RHE is creating diversity that opens to attendees and is not limited to only the Chinese-Canadian community. Our goal is to build a platform for companies to communicate, make sales and promote brand awareness.



  • Meet your potential consumers and make connections directly.

  • Professional realty, investment, and home living business platform covering about 1 million Chinese community members.

  • We pre-screen our exhibiting inquiries seriously, reputational corporations guaranteed.

  • Organized by the Canada-China Realty Professional Association (CCRPA) who has about 8000 members and One of the trade show leading companies, Jade Expo Ltd., with 20 years of experience in the exhibition industry.




Every year, our RHE Conference attracts many listeners from stakeholders, business insiders, and real estate investors. All speakers and seminar topics will be released throughout our platform. This is a great opportunity to speak up and share plenty of information such as professional knowledge, industry development, future forecasts, etc., to enhance the branding and reputation. Face-to-face interaction with audiences is also beneficial for increasing company visibility and become customers or partners in the near future.

Seminar Schedule to be announced.



" It's got beyond my wall of expectations. Not only (because) it's a very serious trade show in terms of attendees and exhibitors, but it's a tremendous amount of fun, it's almost like a festival atmosphere. I didn't expect that. "

Ross Halloran / Senior Vice President / Sotheby's Realty Kulbuc Halloran Team

" Compared to last year, the Real Home Expo had a growing number of total exhibitors, especially in Real Estate service, Real Estate marketing, and developing industry. I will speak on behalf of all our Canada-Helongjiang Chamber of Commerce associated companies, that we recommend every corporation if you have an interest in promoting your company within the Chinese community, please participate in the Real Home Expo. "

Leo Li / Vice President / Skyview Windows & Doors

" I think the CCRPA and Jade Displays really did a great job in setting up everything! (They have done a great job) in lots of great venues and great events, and it's drawing the crowd. We will definitely want to come back next year! "

Max Ma / Client Experience Specialist / Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)



In order to introduce more opportunities to our exhibitors and the local business partners, CCRPA & Jade Expo Ltd. is hosting a "CEO Business Cocktail" Reception Night for building the business networks.

Last year, we had the theme "LINK", where we intended to gather all the exhibitors at the party and shared their thoughts, expertise, ideas, or even potential partnerships in the industry. After this special night, we learned more about each other and were LINKED together.

This is an invitational event in which all exhibitors and business partners will be invited to our reception night.



A real estate-related trade show, RHE is getting rid of the traditional selling method, the price of the booth is determined based on the basic traffic flow and booth style. For instance, real estate market prices vary depends on location and design. Each location has been assigned the particular booth design and furnishings. Find the colour on the floor plan on the right where it corresponds to the table below.

  • Garden Booth - Green

  • Aisle Space Booth - Blue

  • Deluxe Booth - Red

  • Corner Premium Booth - Orange

  • Inline Premium Booth - Yellow

  • Standard - Grey

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Eco-natural background, natural lighting, and garden display with more than 9 square meters (100 sq. ft.). This booth included:

.1x 2m (6') table with white linen

.2x chairs

Corner Premium-colour.jpg


3m x 3m (10' x 10') corner booth with 2 openings, and the aluminum hardwall booth system. Booth included:

.2x company fascias

.4x LED Spotlight

.1x 2m (6') table with white linen

.2x chairs

Aisle Space-colour.jpg


2.5m x 2.5m (8' x 8') aisle space booth. No exhibit structure, the entrance/register desk in close proximity. This included:

.1x 2m (6') table with white linen

.2x chairs

Inline Premium-colour.jpg


3m x 3m (10' x 10') inline booth with 1 opening, and the aluminum hardwall booth system. This also included:

.1x company fascias

.2x LED Spotlight

.1x 2m (6') table with white linen

.2x chairs



3m x 3m (10' x 10') corner booth with 2 openings, extra company banners,  and an aluminum hardwall booth system. Includes:

.2x elevated company banners

.2x company fascias

.4x LED Spotlight

.1x 2m (6') table with white linen

.1x round table

.5x chairs



3m x 3m (10' x 10') inline booth, and the black pipe and drape booth. Included:

.1x 2m (6') table with white linen

.2x chairs