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成立于2011年的君安地产总部位于大多伦多地区列治文山市中心,万锦市及奥罗拉市分别设有分部。为了开拓更开阔的行业平台,2015年3月君安地产正式加盟在加拿大地产业界拥有百年历史、享誉盛名的Royal LePage Network(皇家李帕奇地产品牌) ,更名为Royal LePage Peaceland Realty。

Royal LePage创立于1913年,是加拿大最大, 历史最悠久的地产公司.   多伦多地产局、安省地产协会都是在该公司的帮助下建立的.  

Royal LePage 目前拥有650多家分公司,17,000多名经纪,业务遍布加拿大各地. 经纪之间相互联系相互支特, 既做到信息和资源的共享,又能在彼此间形成一种良性竞争机制,共同发展.

君安地产的核心理念是以精英的团队为客户提供高效率,高质量,高满意度的地产服务。公司旗下拥有近一百五十名员工,皆拥有过硬的房地产知识、丰富的专业经验和优秀的专业素养,并且精通多种语言及方言。公司更配有先进 信息系统和办公硬件, 从而保证房产信息的及时更新及高效率的工作成果。此外,更值得一提的事君安的管理团队成员均具有着扎实的理论知识和丰富的管理经验与行业经验,为经纪提供全面业务支持,保证公司稳定发展。 



Peaceland has excelled and experienced remarkable growth, and we credit our success to our strong philosophy of treating our business as forming new friendships. The strong leadership skills, experience as real estate sales associates has proven to be winning combination for leading regional sales teams to success.

Peaceland Realty Group officially became a part of the Royal LePage network in 2015. Our shared business philosophy – “Helping You is What We Do” – was a key factor in our decision to join Royal LePage. Connecting our great potential with the wide resources of Royal LePage contributed to a win-win situation. We firmly believe that, together, we can expand our market share in the Chinese Canadian community and extend our premium professional services to help immigrants and investors achieve the Canadian dream.

Founded in 1913, Royal LePage is Canada’s largest and oldest real estate company and helped establish the Toronto Real Estate Board and the Ontario Real Estate Association. With a strong and successful history of over one hundred years, Royal LePage features a close community of over 17,000 sales representatives across over 650 locations.

The Royal LePage family is founded upon the principles of mutual support, information sharing, and healthy competition in order to provide excellent service to our clients. With the most advanced industry technology and comprehensive training programs, Royal LePage can further our collective success, whether you are a new or a seasoned real estate professional.

Royal LePage Peaceland Realty is one of the best real estate brokerage in the GTA. Moving forward, our goal is to continue recruiting outstanding sales agents, allowing the new Royal LePage Peaceland Realty to emerge as the strongest real estate business serving the diverse and multicultural Toronto region.

Our brokerage is able to assist you in the following areas:

· Residential & Commercial – Leasing & Selling

· Due Diligence Service

· Pre-construction

· Real Estate Development Planning and Marketing

· Financial Services

· Properties Management

· Training Courses for New Agents

Our clients have come to expect only the best from our team. We deliver this by understanding their goals and adopting them as our own. We have maintained our high standards by attracting some of the finest real estate professionals in the area, helping them offer excellent service to customers.


· 各类民宅和商业地产买卖及出租的咨询和中介服务

· 售前尽职调查服务

· 期房销售

· 地产开发营销策划

· 贷款服务推介

· 物业管理

· 经纪人考牌及各级业务培训


Richmond Hill总部:

Unit 2, 160 West Beaver Creek Rd., Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1B4

Aurora 分部:

Unit 8, 125 Don Hillock, Aurora, ON L4G 0H8


Richmond Hill Office: 905-707-0188

Aurora Office: 905-503-8808

Fax: 905-707-0288


Facebook: @RoyalLePagePeacelandRealty


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