Statement of COVID-19 from Real Home Expo 2020

Dear Exhibitors, Visitors and Partners:

We have been closely monitoring the current COVID-19 situation. The safety of our exhibitors, visitors and staff remains our top priority.

As the current situation may also affect the realty market. Being the largest realty and home show in Northern GTA, we want to thank your support and trust by opening an online Q&A session regarding your real estate inquiries in the current situation (please send your inquiries to [email protected]). We will try our best to connect you with our 180+ exhibitors, to help you address your real estate related concerns while you stay safe at your home.

At the same time, being the top realty industry platform, if any realty service provider’s business has been affected by the current situation, please feel free to contact us at [email protected], we will work with all other members of our platform to assist you with suggestions and solutions.

Please keep yourself and your family safe, and try to stay home as much as possible. We believe we will conquer this challenge together and Real Home Expo 2020 will be hosting all of you in September!

The Real Home Expo will stay by your side!

Real Estate & Home Expo

March 17, 2020




在疫情期间房地产家居市场也瞬息万变,作为GTA北部地区规模最大的房地产家居博览会,我们收到了众多朋友们的询问与关注,对于你们的信任和支持,我们将开辟“房博会线上专线”(邮箱:[email protected]),邀请房博会优秀参展企业代表,为您解答与房相关的各类热门问题,让您足不出户即可了解一手信息。

与此同时,我们作为房地产家居行业权威平台,业内从业人员如因疫情无法顺利开展工作,也请联系我们(邮箱:[email protected]),我们将群策群力,为您提供最佳解决方案,共度难关。





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