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Learn About 6 Major Categories

Each year, Real Estate & Home Expo (Known as RHE) brings together all the industry's leading businesses under one roof. Our 5th RHE is taking place at Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites Conference Centre from September 30 to October 2, 2022 (Public opens on October 1-2).


First of its kind! The RHE is historically the largest and biggest professional exhibition platform in the Chinese-Canadian community. The expo is operated by Jade Expo Ltd., with more than 20 years of experience worldwide in the exhibition industry. The RHE with its high budget has set a new record in the area.

房博会是目前华裔社区历史上规模最大,最专业的展览会。房博会是由加中地产投资总商会(CCRPA)主办,嘉德博览(Jade Expo Ltd)协办的高规格专业房地产展会。

加中房地产与家居博览会(房博会)将于2022年9月30日星期五至10月2日星期六在 Hilton Toronto 万锦希尔顿酒店开幕(公共开放日是在10月1日至10月2日)。这是一场您不容错过面对面交流的绝佳机会!

Real Estate 地产


​Development 开发

Realty Agent, Brokerage,

General Contractor, Developer,

Property Sell and Buy.

Furniture 家具


Appliance 电器

Table, Chair, Stove, Oven, Mattress, Couch, Lighting Fixtures, Range Hood, and more.

Finance 金融


​Mortgage Loan 信贷

Mortgage, Personal Loan, Investment, Fund, and other Financial Plan.

Home Design 设计


Renovation 装潢

Interior Designer, Renovation, Home Improvement

Construction 建筑


​Building Materials 材料

Construction, Landscape and Gardening, and Building Supply such as Window, Door, Flooring.

Real Estate

​Related Service


Real Estate and Business Law Firm, Tax Specialist, Home Security, Insurance Broker.