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Jade Expo Ltd.



Jade Displays International Corp. was initially founded in 1998 in Beijing, China. Within the past 20 years, we obtained experience in trade show organizing and operation across Asia and North America. Our expertise includes trade show planning and official contractor. In recent years, we are creating different systems to suit specific targets for the North American market, Jade Exhibition Ltd. and Jade Expo Ltd.

In 2012, Jade Expo Ltd. was officially founded in Canada. The new brand Jade Expo Ltd. is striving to provide top-notch service in trade show cooperation and investment, with the goal to build an industry-leading exhibition platform.

嘉德展示创建于1998年中国北京,至今已有20多年。我们在亚洲和北美的贸易型展览积累了丰厚的经验。我们擅长于贸易型展览的运营及搭建。近年来,为了更好的迎合北美市场的开拓,我们创建了Jade Exhibition Ltd. 嘉德展览和Jade Expo Ltd. 嘉德博览两个品牌。


Canada-China Realty Professional Association (CCRPA)

加中地产投资总商会 (CCRPA)


The Canada-China Realty Professional Association (CCRPA) was established by a group of Chinese-Canadian real estate professionals in 2006. CCRPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of development and investment opportunities in Canada and China. In 2017, CCRPA moved into its 2,500 sq. ft. state-of-the-art office at Markham, Ontario, and its 7th board of directors was inaugurated at the same time.

Currently, CCRPA is home for hundreds of companies from real estate brokerages and related industries, with over 8,000 real estate and related industries professionals within the organization such as realtors, developers, builders, building material suppliers, architects, mortgage brokers, lawyers, bankers, accountants, home inspectors, home stagers, appraisers, and others that make CCRPA the largest real estate association in the Chinese community in Canada.


加中地产投资总商会现拥有超过一百余家地产及相关的公司团体会员,超过8,000 名个人会员,是加拿大华裔地产行业中最大的组织和平台,同时也汇集了与地产相关的各个行业的精英,涵盖地产、开发 、建筑 、设计 、金融、房贷、验房、物业评估、保险、律师、会计、家居及建筑原材料供应等地产相关行业,成为加拿大,中国及其他海外投资者全球置业和地产投资的重要桥梁。


超级生活logo - PNG.png is one of the websites of Chinese New Star Media Inc., a Chinese portal website for life and consumption based in Canada and oriented to overseas Chinese.

The concept of Super Life Network

As the saying goes, "Every family has scriptures that are difficult to recite", but we say "every day must live a wonderful life"!

In Canada, the matter of immigration has allowed us to experience longing, confusion, hard work, and finally live and work in peace and contentment;

Super cares about how to make everyone's life more exciting, and hopes to provide a free and practical information interactive platform;

There are N kinds of ways to live life. Super Life Network has gathered a group of super life experts who understand life and are willing to share, and share a wonderful life with everyone;

Watch the hottest news, buy the most valuable things, find the most delicious restaurants, and search for the most reliable services... The ordinary life of daily necessities has become super exciting!

Super Life Network – Share the super wonderful life of ordinary people!

How to play?

Watch the news - Watch hot topics and become a consumer expert

Write a blog - write mood life and read other people's stories

Find Yellow Pages - The most complete and free Yellow Pages search

Life in the Stars - Can't Grab the Weekly Magazine Online

Register as a user in a few seconds, and you can apply for a completely free personal blog or merchant yellow pages, super web pages with your own domain name. It's that simple!

超级生活网 是星星文化传媒集团(Chinese New Star Media Inc.)旗下网站之一,是立足加拿大,面向海外华人的生活消费中文门户网站。









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写博客 - 写心情生活看他人故事

找黄页 - 最全免费黄页简便查询

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